Hemp Thread


Industrial hemp is also a grass and grows like a weed because it is one. Like bamboo it doesn't
need any help to thrive.  It has no need for pesticides or insecticides and it grows on rain water.  Like bamboo it offers superior performance compared to cotton: Hemp fibers are more durable provide better UV protection wick moisture and are antimicrobial. Please note that
industrial hemp differs from its illegal cousin marijuana in that it contains almost no THC) Until the late 1930s hemp was widely grown and was Americas fiber of choice. Popular Mechanics in February 1937 predicted hemp would be the worlds first Billion Dollar Crop that would support thousands of jobs and provide a vast array of consumer products.  Hemp is technically superior to cotton for fabric, trees for paper and corn for biofuel.

After learning about bamboo being the wonder plant why even bother using another plant for fabric?
Because hemp is an amazing plant that lasts a lifetime. Hemp has been in use since 770 AD. Since that
time it has been used to make everything from rope to clothing to paper. As a fabric hemp filters
UV light so your skin is protected. It resists bacterial growth so you and has four times the strength of cotton so it wont
weaken when washed.  Wash cold & hang dry.

live salty or die